Go to the limits and get everything out of your vehicle – regardless if it is a common passenger car or racy sports car. You can show what you are able to do and, at the same time, travel to beautiful and exclusive places.  Drive on the best tracks in Europe: From Italy to Spain to Portugal, we have inspiring race courses where you can put your abilities to the test. You can start out slowly as a beginner and gather experience. As experienced racing expert, you will test the limits of your abilities on the international circuits and improve continuously.

Find out more here about the locations and their race circuits that you will travel to. You can find information on the Track Days, prices and offers further down on the page.

In Europa On Tour


Portimão is a tranquil town in the deep south of Portugal. Located directly at the sea, you can dive into the world of Portugal after a successful drive. A visit to this town is worthwhile for gourmets in any case because it is well known for its fishing. Portimão booms today from tourism and its picture-perfect beaches.

Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Nürburgring Nordschleife is our home. It is a unique, fascinating racetrack in the middle of the forests of the Eifel mountains and has a length of 20.832 km.
Everyone should must once experience the myth of the Nordschleife.

Circuit Spa Francorchamps

Because of the many altitude changes and numerous curves, the nearly 7-km long racetrack in Belgium also has the nickname “Ardenne Roller Coaster”.
Besides Formula 1, also the ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain Endurance Series and formerly the DTM go to the start here.

Dijon Prenois

Only 8 turns and a distance of 3,801 km makes Dijon to one of the shortest and fastest tracks in europe. Through the routing, the hills and downhills of the track this is a clear goal destination for trackday enthusiasts.


Circuito Ascari sounds Italian – not least because it is named after the Italian race driver Alberto Ascari. The circuit itself is located in the south of Spain, however, near the town Ronda in the Province of Málaga. Circuito Ascari is situated in a valley, has a length of about 5 km and is 12 meters wide across the entire length. In addition, it has a kart track for youngsters and enthusiastic hobby drivers where you can get a first feel. The town of Ronda is about 13 km away and can be reached easily. Because of its great location, it is ideal for sightseeing and breath-taking views, because it is characterized by a historic part of town with Moorish roots.


The large city of Jerez is located in Spanish Andalusia and has about 213,000 residents. Do you know the Sherry wine? That is to say, the famous white wine comes from Jerez and it is exported to all parts of the world. Until 1997, Formula 1 races took place on the Circuito de Jerez – today it is considered to be a very popular test track – thus perfect for a drive during our Track Days!


Valencia in Spain with more than 780,000 residents is the largest venue of the Track Days. Besides Barcelona and Madrid, it is the third largest city of the country. Valencia is known for its passionate love for sports and the plentitude of cultural sites. This means, it never gets boring in Valencia when you want to get into the action after the day on the track.

Rental Cars by RSR

GetSpeed works in partnership with RSRNurburg to provide track car rentals for trackdays and Touristenfahrten sessions on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

RSR Nurburg is the original rental car company for the Nürburgring, with over 20 years experience with the widest range of the best sports cars available today! RSR is located only 300m from the entrance to the Nürburgring Nordschleife and are your one-stop-shop for everything motorsport and the Nürburgring.

Let their experience around the Green Hell guide you around the track. RSR caters from first timers to seasoned professionals, any budget or skill level.

For more information about the range of cars available, visit this page:



      Dein erfolgreicher Einstieg in den Motorsport!

      Dein großer Traum ist es Rennfahrer zu werden? Dann bist Du bei uns genau richtig. Egal ob Anfänger, talentierter Junior-Fahrer oder Späteinsteiger, der Anfang ist leichter als man denkt.
      Über 20 Jahre Motorsporterfahrung und unzählige Siege auf der Nürburgring Nordschleife zeichnen das GetSpeed Performance Center aus. Wir beraten Dich und finden mit Dir gemeinsam Deinen idealen Einstieg in den Rennsport.