Driving races means risk. Overtaking means fighting and speed means a pure adrenaline rush. The oil trickles like sweat from the engine and the body vibrates to the beat of the machine. There is no limit. Always to the limit, always the maximum. Perfect control and perfect timing at all moments. The game of speeding up and braking determines success. The boundaries between vision and reality get blurred on the asphalt and the cockpit is the only cosmos. Adrenaline is pumping through the veins. Man and machine become one. Nothing can stop you.

Life on the racetrack is characterized by passion and emotion. We at GetSpeed enjoy every moment – which is why we love motorsports!

You are always on the search for the special kick? You have always dreamed of being behind the wheel of a racing machine? We would like to help you satisfy your deep craving for adrenaline. Before heading to pole position, you have to learn the basics first. We want to help you with this and offer a professionally instructed coaching for this purpose.

Whether you are advanced or a complete beginner, we will lead you step-by-step to ever greater challenges. Your coach: Adam Osieka, 20-time Class winner of the VLN and the 24-hr race. He has the expertise and passion to make you into a race driver.

If you have more questions about the coaching at the Nürburgring, please contact us. We are happy to be available at any time for you by phone or email. Contact us and receive training to become a race driver very soon!



    Produkte von GetSpeed

      Dein erfolgreicher Einstieg in den Motorsport!

      Dein großer Traum ist es Rennfahrer zu werden? Dann bist Du bei uns genau richtig. Egal ob Anfänger, talentierter Junior-Fahrer oder Späteinsteiger, der Anfang ist leichter als man denkt.
      Über 20 Jahre Motorsporterfahrung und unzählige Siege auf der Nürburgring Nordschleife zeichnen das GetSpeed Performance Center aus. Wir beraten Dich und finden mit Dir gemeinsam Deinen idealen Einstieg in den Rennsport.