World Premiere in the Program of the 24-hr Race

The program of the 24h-race at the Nürburgring included a world premiere: The stress level of Adam Osieka, Steve Jans, Dieter Schornstein and Andy Sammers was measured continuously while driving and transmitted live via LTE from the driving car including video. With patented and proprietary know-how, GetSpeed has developed the innovation in a strategic partnership with Vodafone, BioRICS, Race Navigator, Wige and nü to reach application maturity and has already tested it offline in the previous VLN test races.
The stress level of the drivers can be measured by means of primary parameters such as pulse, blood pressure, breathing frequency, tension of the skin, CO2 output, brain flows and a special algorithm. Based on this data, conclusions as to mental strength, motivation and subconscious fears of drivers can be drawn. By measuring the stress level, thus a direct or indirect gain in driving safety and driving performance can be achieved. Furthermore, the information gathered supports relevant decisions before and during the race.
The past: beyond measuring the stress level, it is also planned to develop and apply approaches to improve stress tolerance during the current season. This is done by targeted coaching on individual track sections, mental and physical training in the lead-up and follow-up, influencing reduced physical functions and sufficient supply of water and nutrients to the driver. Prospectively, measuring the stress level enables the direct, interactive and situational interaction between man and machine – e.g. in the case of physical failures or critical driving incidents.
With the Race Navigator, GetSpeed and BioRICS launched a protected end-to-end system (sensors, transmission, analysis, display) in 2013. Beyond the product, we offer interested teams and drivers in racing and motorsports a solution package (diagnosis, analysis, optimization).

Objectives – Results – System

  • Online measurement of stress levels of racing & sports drivers in racing action
  • Diagnosis of causes & indications by means of processed primary parameters
  • Training programs to treat stress, mental strength and subconscious fear
  • Algorithm: proprietary & patented
  • Test parameters: Various drivers – track sections – race – conditions
  • Objective & result: More driving safety and driving performance in motorsport


Your personal stress level monitor
Experience your personal stress level anytime and anywhere with the GetSpeed-BioRics technology that is used successfully in motorsports.

The product
A watch with elegant design, which is linked with the corresponding app.

The result
Your percentage rate stress level during daily activities and at any time of the day.
Graphic display in a daily overview.

€299 incl. VAT and license for the first 6 months.
After the first 6 months, the license must be renewed. The costs for this are €72 per year of €6 per month.

How can I order it?
Simply fill out the attached form!

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